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Stertil Closed Door Docking Ultimate Temperature Control

12/03/19 | News

Docking without opening doors. The many advantages of the Stertil Closed Door Docking contribute to optimal temperature control within your distribution centre during the loading and unloading process. Temperature and hygiene control are essential within the food industry especially for perishable products. Also, the reduction in energy costs is substantial.


 closed door docking


What do I need for a complete system?


An airtight seal with an inflatable dock shelter. The Stertil Dock Products WI Inflatable Shelter/ WIS (with side curtains):   

  • Sealing with top and bottom cushions also on the corners only 15 seconds inflate time
  • Completley versatile and suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Warehouse opening is totally unobstructed
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Stertil white marking chevrons for safe and accurate approach and positioning

Galvanised Stepped Frame Leveller with telescopic sliding lip X-Series Dock Leveller


  • Stepped frame is completely sealed with the docked vehicle for a hermetic closed system
  • Adjustable lip length up to 1,000 mm for complete fleet versatility
  • Smooth and safe transition from vehicle floor to warehouse platform floor
  • Easy to install and operate

For the complete solution, please download the brochure:  Stertil Closed Door Docking Temperature Control and for more information contact us: dp@stertil.nl