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Stertil Group 2nd in Top 100 Dutch Manufacturing Companies

07/12/20 | News


A Top Performance from the Stertil Group, from the 6th position in 2019 to 2nd in 2020 on the Prestigious List of The Top 100 Dutch Manufacturing Companies in The Netherlands with a turnover of <€500 M.

Stertil Group B.V. commonly known in the market under the tradenames Stertil-Koni, Stertil Dock Products and Stokvis Service has risen to great heights in the league table of the Top 100 Dutch Manufacturing Companies in The Netherlands. In 2020 the Stertil Group B.V. jumps to the 2nd position on the just released list for 2020.

The list is an initiative of MT/Sprout, in collaboration with CFI, The Netherlands. See the full List of The Top 100. The Stertil Group is very proud to be the number 2 on this prestigious list. 
So much so that the company celebrated this morning with a traditional piece of Frisian cake.

Top 100 maakindustrie

The 2020-edition is based on registered figures from 2019. There is therefore no Corona-effect”, says compiler Kevin Driesen of CFI Netherlands. “We know that until September this effect is minus 7 percent, but that's an average for the entire industry. In the machine industry, this effect can amount to, for example, 20 percent. While the metal industry shows a plus of 7 percent.

Mr. Driesen is optimistic about the manufacturing industry. “The growth that these companies show year on year is impressive. But the innovative nature of the sector also continues to amaze me every time. Predictable revenue (recurring revenue) is important and you can see that the sector is responding to this. So not only product innovation, but also the underlying revenue models are constantly being refined by the entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry”.

These are special times where everyone faces major challenges. Covid-19 has a major impact on social, civic and economic life and has created new challenges for organizations worldwide. Stay safe, stay strong.