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17/01/20 | News


Stertil Dock & Door Products is widely acknowledged as a leading manufacturer and installer of loading bay equipment and fast-action doors in the UK. Products from the company’s range are relied upon by thousands of users in many industries including logistics, manufacturing, food & drink, transportation, pharmaceuticals, engineering and many others.

In recognition of the company’s extensive technical expertise and many years’ experience of successful collaboration with Chetwood Architects, Stertil Dock & Door Products was invited to put forward detailed proposals for the Baytree project in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

A total of 26 loading bays have been installed featuring a range of Stertil products including dock levellers, dock bumpers, dock shelters, dock doors and level access doors.

Each loading bay incorporates the Stertil WE 574 collapsible frame dock shelter measuring 3400mm wide by 3600mm high. Comprising rugged head and side curtains, the W Series range of dock shelters can be tailored to fit and effectively seal almost every type and size of vehicle – a perfect combination of versatility, reliability and effectiveness.

Within the dock shelter, at the heart of the loading bay installations, is the Stertil X-Series dock leveller, type XF3020, which offers a safe platform capacity of six tonnes. This latest generation of dock levellers incorporates a 600mm extending telescopic lip which enables the simple loading of goods, including boxes, cages and pallets, up to the absolute end of a vehicle or trailer thereby ensuring maximum space utilisation. This contrasts favourable with a conventional swing lip dock leveller that requires additional space to operate correctly.

The telescopic lip is fully controllable at variable lengths of up to 1000 mm to make the X-Series ideal for efficient loading and unloading of end loads. Long chamfers and the lip angle ensure a smooth transition from the dock leveller to the vehicle floor in every situation. The Stertil X-Series is also suitable for 3-wheel forklift trucks. In addition, the X-Series provides superior practicality thanks to the auto park function and extensive control options. The various installation methods, wide range of sizes and load capacities of six or eight tonnes make the X-Series suitable for almost any situation.

The X-Series meets EN 1398 safety standards. In case of premature vehicle departure (if the forklift truck is still on the leveller), the automatic panic-stop activates. The leveller in most cases remains in operation even after a panic-stop situation. The emergency stop button on the control box can also be operated at any time. Also, the platform can tilt 125 mm to both sides without influencing the functionality of the centre positioned robust main cylinder and, therefore smoothly following the movements of the truck. During maintenance, the platform is held safely in position by means of two maintenance supports. When the platform is in parked position, it is automatically supported by two cross-traffic safety legs.

Practicality and safety go hand-in-hand with the X-Series advanced control system. The dock leveller can be positioned perfectly using the three control buttons, and returned to the parked position using the standard auto park function. There are several advanced control options which provide additional functions: door control, shelter control, automated interlock to prevent operation when the dock door is not fully open, and automatic door closure locking until the leveller has been parked correctly.

Each of the docks features a Thermadoor dock door complete with panoramic windows to ensure maximum natural light thereby enhancing working conditions for the loading bay personnel. Suitable for all industrial applications, the extensive Thermadoor range comprises models for almost every environment and application. All models incorporate a robust construction and heavy duty hardware designed to give a long trouble-free working life in rigorous conditions. Also, a range of track configurations is possible to suit different building layouts and headroom available. All doors feature a host of safety features including finger protection at panel-to-panel joints.

Thermadoor overhead doors meet the requirements of EN 13241-1: 2003. Based on this standard, doors are CE marked. Also, wind load tests are in accordance with EN 12424 and thermal resistance is calculated and provided in accordance with EN 12428.

Offering reliable protection to reversing vehicles and the warehouse building, the Stertil installation includes PE450 dock bumpers at each dock.
The latest generation of PE Dock Bumpers from Stertil Dock & Door products provides unrivalled protection for vehicles, loading bays and buildings. The PE dock bumpers’ innovative design also allows left and right bumpers to be simply interchanged and rotated to enable users to achieve four times the working life of traditional dock bumpers.

Stertil PE dock bumpers combine a unique robust construction and patented materials to provide superior performance and longevity. Each bumper is housed within a solid galvanised steel frame mounted directly to the dock face using concealed fixings. This ensures that fixing bolts are completely covered, yet easily accessible, to prevent them being damaged by or causing damage to reversing lorries.

 Also contained within the galvanised steel frame is a pair of innovative rubber cushioning strips that spread the impact forces of reversing vehicles to help eliminate damage. Mounted in front of and positioned against the cushioning strips is the pad of the PE bumper which may be supplied in black or yellow colours. This ultra high molecular polyethylene pad offers a low coefficient of friction to reduce abrasive frictional forces created by the movement of a vehicle during loading and unloading operations. Crucially, the bumper pad may be quickly fitted or removed utilising the steel frame’s removable bottom plate.

The Stertil installation also includes three level access doors, measuring 4000mm x 5000mm, to provide free movement of fork trucks and other wheeled loads into and out of the warehouse.

Commenting on the Baytree installation, Andy Georgiou, General Manager of Stertil Dock & Door Products, “We were delighted to once again team up with Chetwood Architects on such a prestigious project. Designed to be versatile enough to meet all future operating requirements, we are confident that the Stertil solution offers unbeatable performance, reliability and value for money.”