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Customised SKYLIFT Washbay Installation at WH Malcolm

Stertil-Koni delivered and installed a SKYLIFT Washbay model at WH Malcolm. This lift was installed into an old ship yard on the River Clyde in Glasgow, where they used to launch ships into the water on a sloping slipway.

The lift is recessed at the drive-on end by 350mm and built up onto 350mm pads at the front end, when fully extended the front of the lift is over 2.5 metre high.

The design of our platform SKYLIFT allows for customised installation. This particular SKY350 model has a platform length of 14.5 metre and a capacity of 35,000kg. 

The platforms are fully hot-dip galvanised, lift supports have an extremely resistant coating to protect them against any moisture and debris. Finally a lockable stainless steel control console completes the installation.
All cleaning jobs can be done at any required height and the independent mechanical locks are active from 90mm above floor level. The SKYLIFT provides maximum access to the underside of the lifted vehicle. 

Stertil-Koni SKYLIFT

Watch the SKYLIFT Video

We recently released a new video about our SKYLIFT.

Please take a look at some of the unique features that the SKYLIFT has to offer.


Customised Installation

The SKYLIFT features:  

  • Optimum access to the raised vehicle
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimum lift maintenance
  • Highest safety standards

Capacities for the individual SKYLIFT models range from 20t up to 35t. To read more about our SKYLIFT;

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