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Polish Tram Network maintained with Stertil-Koni Lifts

MPK Łódź is a city tram company in Łódź is one of the biggest tram networks in Poland. Stertil-Koni Polski have been supplying them with mobile column lifts since 2007.

A quarter past 12 was the Final Countdown song performed by the MPK Łódź orchestra. Slowly, the door opened and the Tram Pesa appeared. It slowly entered one of five tracks with stations for servicing low-floor trams with the help of
Stertil-Koni mobile column lifts. The President of the city Łódź gave a speech emphasing the strong need for modern transportation solutions.


Next year Stertil-KONI will supply 60 mobile column lifts for MPK Łódź to equip another modern workshop for their bus services.The MPK Łódź workshops are equipped with 106 Stertil-KONI ST 1085 mobile column lifts that lift all types of different trams which are in operation. The opening of the new workshop hall was officially opened last month.                           


ST 1085 Mobile Column Lift


 The ST 1085 offers:

  • Maximum flexibility for any type of vehicle, even low clearance trams
  • Fast turnaround for public transport companies
  • Maximum safety combined with fast and effective use
  • Capacities from 8.5 t to17.5 t per lift


Download ST 1085 Brochure

ST 1085 mobile column lifts flexibile, fast, safe and for all types transport vehicles

Tram maintenance and repair with ST 1085